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WTF? Robert Peston

WTF? Robert Peston  What have we done? Why did it happen? How do we take back control? Hodder & Stoughton 2017 £9.99 (Kindle) ISBN 978 1 473 66132 5 288pp

I got this book because I’m dazed by the last two years. I want to understand Brexit, Trump, the 2017 election, Grenfell and ITV’s Robert Peston seemed to have the verve and colour to be my mentor. He turned out to be literally colourful in his language. Naively I hadn’t realised the title includes a hidden expletive ‘what the f…?’. Swallowing that discomfort I followed through the analysis by this leading economist and found it a passionate, highly readable document. The book begins and ends with a letter to Peston’s late father, a powerful literary device.

Peston admits his surprise and discomfort at Brexit and Trump’s election going on to analyse forces at work many of us were blind to which triggered especially the former. The perception of a privileged ‘liberal elite’, the decline of social mobility, lack of investment away …